Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bertold Loffler Fan

This is from my personal reference library that i finally got back from Eddy Deutsche after a decade -- i saw it and had to take a photo of it for's so lovely :

Bertold Loffler fan for the Fledermaus Cabaret, Vienna, 1907 printed paper.

The orange and blue is perfect...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Designer October

Monday, October 18, 2010

Woman, is a kind of island.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Adele Elizabeth---Beauty Feast.

Adele Elizabeth

Imagine a great beauty- Someone who can translate her dreams using new technology all the while hailing from a time long long ago...from Mother Dada, from 23 skidoo, from shadows, churning clockwork somewhere behind a wall, Gramophone croons...

I REALLY like this woman. Enjoy her works!

" I’m a Guerilla Film Maker, Artist and Player who grew up in the world of theatre where the art of imagination knows no bounds.

My Nanna always said I was born in the wrong era. I guess that is partially true. Most of my inspiration comes from the past, from those who walked before me. The pioneers of filmmaking, the actors of ‘yesteryear’, the Blues men and their sonic storytelling and the performance artists who long ago figured out how to create spectacular art from nothing.
BUT I am a product of Now.

I was born in a digital world, and I love the potential modern day multimedia technology has to offer me as an artist. Years of being confined to theatres and concrete structures are gone. The street becomes the stage and the audience is everywhere.
Anything is possible to achieve with imagination...."

Detail of 'Dreaming of Melody's Joint, Ole New Orleans'

( photos courtesy of Adele via Facebook)

It gets better.....

I must jump on.


are so close, yet so far away... Tell our queer youth they have to right to be free... tell them, if they fear for their lives to go somewhere where people are better educated... tell them, they are loved. Tell them they must be brave and live for all the beautiful experiences they will have. Tell them we need them.