Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Warp and Woof

Augustus Egg, Travelling Companions, 1862

François-Emile Barraud (1899-1934)

Philipp Ferdinand de Hamilton (1667 - 1750) - "Weiße gefleckte Rehe und ein Stachelschwein"

Anna Zinkeisen - "Portrait of Julia Heseltine"

"Rolla si Portia" by Jacques-Laurent Agasse (1767-1849)

Doris Zinkeisen - "Peggy Woffington"

Tetsuya Ishida--''collection ''

Tetsuya Ishida (1973-2005)-a man cant fly anymore- 1996

"Kabuki Actor - The Actor Ichikawa Danjuro" by Katsukawa Shunso (1726-1792)

"Meeting in a café" by Constant Désiré Clety (1899-1955)

"Portrait of Madamoiselle Neviadomskaya" 1935

Joan Eardley- brass hair and wool

Joan Eardley (1921-1963) two children

the letter

Tracey Long

Ménilmontant is in many ways a striking film, and has been described as "a nearly perfect work" (Georges Sadoul, Le Cinéma Français, 1962). Its story is told entirely in images, without the use of explanatory intertitles; Kirsanoff was among the very rare filmmakers of the silent era to attempt this. The film makes use of techniques such as montage, hand-held camera, ultra-rapid montage, and superposition to achieve the elusive, transcendent quality of "photogénie" so sought after by the French impressionist film directors of the era. Ménilmontant, thus, comes closer to poetry than to narrative prose.

- David Badagnani

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