Thursday, April 29, 2010

Come Sail your ships around me......


A friend of mine ( jim, hi) introduced Jessi and I.....she is so lovely and an illustrator at large,

Love her.

She's such a good silent film actress...

For this I also have the sweet bon bon sugar plum dress maker Pricilla Dawn provide the wardrobe. XX!!

I used my gran's old silver tea set here, and to answer the age old question, yes, cupcakes ARE heavy when stacked!

Since the dress is so sweet I had to toss in a bit-o-creep. I created a plumtastic and Fuschia dog patch eye for the make up - a bramble of red locks and a bread braid crown.

Later, we went onto a vista and Jessi danced around freaking out the squares with my pink ship while i lazed in the much blue sky ! The day was a real pleasure...

To see images, look in candids and ( obviously) in photos for the ''hostess'' series within my site below.

As always

Best to you,

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