Sunday, April 18, 2010

I saw you in a red coat, It was raining on Spring St.....

A while back I was in the bay area. I went out with friends to a pizza joint in Berkeley when I noticed a man staring... Fine. Women especially know this well. I fly home, when I get this message from my close friend who just happened for no apparent reason ( married with two kids) read one of those "looking for you" paper advert things that said something like the following......

''Too fast for love jacket, tattoo on your neck, long black hair..who are you?? I must meat you ( I mean meet you...sorry, that was me, not the ad ;).

......and BAM I was "that girl" in a random shot in the dark ad and I SAW I'm in my late 30's , huh. I wasn't interested, but I never thought those things worked. I never thought those whimsical, horny, romantic ads actually reached the person out in deep space ( in my case, thousands of miles away by the next afternoon).

So keep it willing to grab the cheese factor by the little stinky holes and take a big bite.

About 20 minutes ago I semi-randomly came across the sweet illustrations of Sophie Blackall. I loved the notion of setting these space notes to drawings. Simple and good. I just love the idea of a person doing "it" because it kind of needs to be done. Even if again, but In her own way..

She has clearly been doing this a while by now....she also does children's books ( illustration)

Anyway, there it is. Neck tattoos, bruises, stains and regrets
( which really should be the title for this entry) and all.