Saturday, November 28, 2009


For those of you who've been posting it up with me on facebook, I apologize for the disappearing trick! As the days get cooler and the daily worries build with the "slow season" I have a growing sense of preservation naturally packing on. I've focused my energies more keenly toward my family and home.... so off goes casual conversation with strangers ( beloved though some are! ) I might even pick up the phone!

New Year is coming soon... sooner than last year and sooner still than the year before !

...Which leads me to one of my 2009's favorite photo picks. I've seen thousands of images this year and this one sticks with me.. The best things seem to be simple yet profound, ugly yet beautiful reflecting of course, what else but our own nature!

Here's the RED FOX honored with humble berries in what appears at first to be merely a sound slumber.. Kudos to the photographer Kimbrini for what she calls " Un Taxidermy".

I love what she did with blades of grass and ice here..... beautiful!

I was never beautiful.
I learned by heart the octaves
of grief and the peculiar phrases
of a man's desires. Mine was the chord
seldom struck; oh they gave me
an arm to walk
over the esplanade. I walked
with the arm. They stood
near the edge, watching,
humming the ruse of the borrowed car
and from their pockets rose the petite chanson
of the hungry key. I walked on alone
and the water came, touched my feet
and was gone...