Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ever get secretly thrilled about adorable Nun Crafts???

(Ah, come on .....sure you do!)

Shhhhhhhhhh, then I have a seeeecret surprise ---

--link-> Hand crafted New Olreans Ornaments :) ( pralines and cupcakes too!)

''Cherished and collectable hand painted ornaments depicting local favorite and historic New Orleans landmarks. Sister Olivia at The Poor Clare Monastery draws pencil sketches to create these beautiful works of art. The sketches become note cards and some are minimized for creating the ornaments. The minimized sketches are glued to balsa wood, cut on a scroll saw, hand painted, varnished and signed by the artist. The sale of these and other crafts made by the Sisters are a means of support for the Monastery.''

I'll admit.. i get all a-flitter about collecting these hand made nun ornaments....and I have all of them!! JEALOUS??? haha

Anyway... im giving you a heads up to order before the christmas rush. Oh, imagine how southerny you'll feel with New Olreans Nunnery decorations glittering on your Jesus tree!

Speaking of trees- When I lived in New Orleans ( we'lll talk more on that later) I learned they pile their trees post x-mas in a pile in what is called the ''neutral ground'' ( median strip) and just set them on fire! No fire trucks or to do about it...just watch the night turn orange!

( me with babe in tow)


Bragaglia Brothers...

" Typist" 1911

Photodynamic Portrait of a Woman ( A. Bragaglia)