Saturday, November 14, 2009

Loved & Stinky

You know that article of clothing, that accessory, that you found or was grandfathered in.. that If given half the chance your mother or some "what not to wear" TV show would take away from you or burn in a flaming pit?

I have one. The suede hat. I will shiv you If you try to take my hat away from me. It is brown and it's a man's hat. It suits me somehow and It MIGHT have a name. If it did, I wouldn't tell you because it might get up and run to you if called.

It's actually stolen. I stole it from my kid. Ian MacKaye ( minor threat, Fugazi, the Evens) gave it to him fair and square, and I stole it because it fit me better. I did everyone a favor by doing that.

It's slightly stinky inside. It smells like head and hairspray if you actually dared to take a whiff. It's falling apart too. I will patch it up like the good solider it is when the time comes. I will never find it's match. It's not the prettiest, but it has what the french call " a certain something" . I think I've said enough.

Carry on.