Friday, November 13, 2009


So, by now everyone knows or should know the American designer Tony Duquette.. . We all have the heavy book that came out that made us all want a more magical and elaborate bedrooms, more glamourous tables and for some, more interesting marriages ... I thought because it's technically the time for window watching and shopping i'd lay out some classic examples of Bergdorf Goodman Tony inspired windows...some of my favs...



Here is a photo of Arlene Dahl wearing a charming mask designed by Duquette


How about a Pylones cow purse? I was drawn to this only because it looks brutal... as if it has been skinned.
Red leather. interesting choice. Hmm.

...speaking of savory or ( un) ... Macaroon is not my favorite, but every time I see a box of these Marie Antoinette inspired cookies I automatically want to pile them everywhere, give them as gifts, wear them...EVERY thing but eat them.

Sweet guts! designed by Dr. Romanelli and distributed by Medicom Toy, this hello kitty is cute on the inside too.

Aren't angry enough??? Try pretending to shoot your neighbor with your breakfast. ( thanks Winter Rosebudd via Babs!)

Happy Weekend Beauties !!

..... no sir don't mean maybe (match box circa 1910)